A Note on CRU’s Cannes Coverage May 14, 2013

The Cannes Film Festival begins tomorrow, May 15th. CRU’s coverage of the festival won’t really get going until the day after that, on Thursday, because the only film screening at Cannes tomorrow is The Great Gatsby. At least as far as I know.

The large amount of reviews coming from Cannes is gonna keep me very busy for the next week and a half. Some of the movies opening in New York this week and next week sound excellent, but Cannes reviews will take top priority, followed by new releases. Reviews of old movies will have the lowest priority and may have to be put off until the weekend or even after Cannes ends.

You can expect most site updates the same time as usual, between 2-6 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Please check in on Thursday. That’s when it’ll get really exciting.

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