About Critics Round Up

The Rundown on Critics Round Up

Founded in 2013, Critics Round Up (CRU) is a link archive/database especially oriented toward film criticism related to the arthouse, world cinema, independent film, and movies from decades past. Mainstream movies are also covered here sometimes, but they’re not a high priority. TV is included even more sparingly than mainstream movies.

The film pages include a section of excerpts of movie reviews followed by a More Links section for things that for a variety of reasons might not fit into the main section, like interviews, essays, lists, videos, podcast episodes, and so on.

Which Critics Are Included?

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My lists of favorites, including year-end lists and favorite publications.

What Happened to the Scores and Symbols?

I’ve deleted this rant. Right now, I’m not sure what I’ll do about the scores and symbols. I need to rethink this.

Donors Are as Good as Ten Mothers

I put a lot of time into maintaining this website. The best way to let me know that my effort isn’t being taken for granted is to donate. This is a turbulent, uncertain time for Critics Round Up, so encouragement would be especially useful right now. If you find this website useful, please think about donating or subscribing.