The Long Week Closes: Notes on the Cannes 2017 Lineup April 15, 2017

#1) It was less discussed this time than in previous years, wasn’t it? #2) A year ago I complained that all of the East Asian directors in Competition since 2012 have been ones that have competed in previous years. In other words, Cannes had stopped giving new East Asian directors a chance to compete for […]

The Long Week Closes: Counting the Days April 8, 2017

The Cannes Official Selection announcements are this coming Thursday and I’m dreading them slightly. I don’t know how the festival defines a “good” or “bad” year at Cannes, but since Mark Peranson once said that Uncle Boonmee winning the Palme d’Or in 2010 was (I’m paraphrasing here) “bad for business,” I don’t think it’s safe […]

The Long Week Closes: Watching Silents in Silence April 1, 2017

When I first heard about the experimental filmmaker Peter Kubelka’s recommendation to watch silent films without music (i.e., literally watching silent films in silence), I scoffed. It sounded like taking hardcore cinephilic dedication too far. Kubelka’s reasoning was that since movies from the silent era had no synchronized audio, the music that we hear is […]

The Long Week Closes: Being Here March 25, 2017

In this slow week for updates, I’m now eagerly anticipating the Cannes Film Festival lineup announcements, which are now less than a month away. Here’s the weekly rundown. Prevenge (Lowe) New Releases Alice Lowe’s Prevenge (United Kingdom, 8 reviews) Elisabeth Subrin’s A Woman, a Part (United States, 9 reviews) Kasper Collin’s I Called Him Morgan […]

The Long Week Closes: Bye Bye Birdie March 11, 2017

I’ve quit posting on Twitter. Is an explanation really necessary? This past week has been energizing and relaxing (and more productive than usual, though that’s probably coincidental). To keep up with CRU updates, add our RSS feed to your feed reader. There was a lot posted to the RSS feed in the past seven days. […]

The Long Week Closes: TV for Cinephiles March 4, 2017

After putting it off countless times, I finally created a TV section for this website, which I’ve been wanting to do for more than two years. TV coverage here will remain the same (i.e., minimal). The only difference is that now you can find all our TV-related entries on a single page. The URL couldn’t […]

The Long Week Closes: The Fatal Aftereffects of Stalker February 18, 2017

Stalker was not Tarkovsky’s final film, but it was likely the movie that eventually killed him. Why don’t more people know the story behind this? Barely any of the reviews I’ve read mentioned how toxic the shooting environment of the film was. The only review that alludes to it is Sheila O’Malley’s, though she believes […]