Just the Facts September 23, 2017

I have nothing to write about today, so let’s go straight to the rundown. New Releases Thirst Street (Nathan Silver, France/United States, 2017, 7 reviews) Hissein HabrĂ©, a Chadian Tragedy (Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Chad, 2016, 5 reviews) The Force (Peter Nicks, United States, 2017, 8 reviews) Toronto 2017 The Disaster Artist (James Franco, United States, 5 […]

True Believer September 16, 2017

Toronto is always the most taxing film festival for me to cover, and this year was no exception, though I think this is also the first year where I didn’t feel hopelessly overwhelmed with work. I didn’t have to set aside several dozen articles for later like usual. This has been a trend all year–Sundance, […]

The Long Week Closes: Go Global September 9, 2017

Despite the fact that I’m way behind schedule today, Toronto has thankfully been much easier to handle this year than in the previous few. No preamble; I have to get this out ASAP. New Releases Top of the Lake: China Girl (Jane Campion and Ariel Kleiman, Australia/New Zealand, 2017, 9 reviews) The Challenge (Yuri Ancarani, […]

The Long Week Closes: Nothing to See Here September 2, 2017

This is the deadest week for new releases I’ve seen since I started this website four years ago. This is also the first time I’ve come up empty-handed on finding any new releases worth highlighting. But never mind that. I’ve been kept busy by the commencement of the Venice Film Festival a few days ago […]

The Long Week Closes: Too Big to File August 26, 2017

The only good news these days is that nobody talks about killing Obamacare anymore. I’d like to make clear right now that our TIFF index will be handled very differently this year. That page will focus only on three sections: Masters, Wavelengths, and Platform, which are the only three sections I have strong interest in […]

The Long Week Closes: Deep Breath August 19, 2017

There’s a Locarno section below. I missed Lucky in last week’s column, so it’s been added this week. New Releases Logan Lucky (Steven Soderbergh, United States, 2017, 8 reviews) Marjorie Prime (Michael Almereyda, United States, 2017, 10 reviews) Crown Heights (Matt Ruskin, United States, 2017, 5 reviews) The Wound (John Trengove, South Africa, 2017, 7 […]

The Long Week Closes: Fire and Fury August 12, 2017

This is one of those days when it’s painful to look at what’s happening to our country. Let’s just skip the preamble and get to the rundown, shall we? New Releases Good Time (Josh & Benny Safdie, United States, 2017, 23 reviews) Nocturama (Bertrand Bonello, France, 2016, 19 reviews) Cinema of the Past Monterey Pop […]

The Long Week Closes: New on CRU August 5, 2017

In case you missed it, here’s our Locarno 2017 Index. I’m introducing a new section to this column. Part of the reason it’s so hard for me to make consistent progress on my giant backlog is because much of what needs to be done involves creating film pages that don’t exist yet, which is several […]

The Long Week Closes: Locarno ‘Round the Corner July 29, 2017

Next week is Locarno. Last year I learned my lesson. It’s arguably the world’s most exciting film festival but for whatever reason isn’t covered as heavily as it ought to be. So updates will sparse, if there are any at all. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Locarno’s movies during TIFF and NYFF in […]

The Long Week Closes: Capital Idea July 22, 2017

Throughout this site’s existence, my policy regarding all non-English language movie titles was to write the first letter in uppercase and everything else in lowercase, which appears to also be IMDb’s policy and was a rule I first read about in my film studies class in college. This practice now seems woefully incorrect. On the […]