The Long Week Closes: Capital Idea July 22, 2017

Throughout this site’s existence, my policy regarding all non-English language movie titles was to write the first letter in uppercase and everything else in lowercase, which appears to also be IMDb’s policy and was a rule I first read about in my film studies class in college. This practice now seems woefully incorrect. On the […]

Sick Leave July 9, 2017

I’ve been feeling very under the weather lately. It’s a struggle just to type up this tiny blog post. Work will resume hopefully in the next few days.

The Long Week Closes: It’s Time for Some Name Theory July 1, 2017

Too many non-Asians seem very uncertain about how Korean and Chinese names work, specifically regarding which is the given name and which is the surname. After seeing Dana Stevens write that Bong Joon-ho is “known in his native South Korea as Joon-ho Bong” (this is a mistake that as of this moment hasn’t been corrected), […]

The Long Week Closes: Peaks and Valleys June 24, 2017

I hate when I’m late. I’m relieved to see a very robust new releases section this week, though I do wish the ETAs were more evenly distributed. Why couldn’t a couple of this week’s new releases have opened last week instead? (That said, bear in mind that Maudie was released in New York last week, […]

The Long Week Closes: Flixwise and Flixwise Canada June 17, 2017

I got hooked on two film podcasts this week and I’d like to share my discoveries with you. The extraordinarily charismatic Lady P hosts Flixwise. Her confidence and showmanship is impressive and a pleasurable listen. I’m also greatly enjoying their new offshoot podcast, Flixwise Canada, hosted by the erudite Martin Kessler. Terrific work all around. […]

The Long Week Closes: It Caused a Divide June 10, 2017

By Thursday, the reviews for It Comes at Night were overwhelmingly negative. Some defenses have been published since then, balancing (or polarizing) the reactions. For what it’s worth, this movie is faring far better on Rotten Tomatoes, with a current rating of 86. Captain Underpants opened last week and was added here this week. Beatriz […]

The Long Week Closes: A Won and a Two (and a Three) June 3, 2017

There’s been at least one new release worth covering every week since this site launched in May 2013. This week cut it the closest. The only new release I’m covering this week, Wonder Woman, was added at 3 PM Pacific yesterday. I also wanted to write briefly about the Cannes Film Festival. I posited three […]

The Long Week Closes: Now Less Than Ever May 27, 2017

In a year when the Cannes competition has been this badly received, it’s hard to care about whether or not the jury gets it “right” this year because there appear to be so few worthy choices. It was a deflating year to read Cannes dispatches. Let’s hope a lot of these movies are better received […]

The Long Week Closes: All’s Well That Ends Well May 20, 2017

Two notes I want to get through lightning-fast because I’m way behind schedule today: I can say with relief that David Hudson has landed a job at a website deserving of his skills, the Criterion blog. In case you weren’t aware, our Cannes 2017 index is arranged in the order of industry screenings. The Competition […]