The Long Week Closes: Imogen Sara Smith on Tatsuya Nakadai January 7, 2017


In the new issue of Film Comment, Imogen Sara Smith wrote an article (which is available for free online) about Tatsuya Nakadai and his performance in The Sword of Doom. It’s notoriously hard to write thoughtfully about a performance and avoid vague, interchangeable superlatives. The degree of difficulty is even higher when the performance is […]

The CRU 2016 Top 10 December 31, 2016

I split this off into its own blog post because the previous one was getting pretty long. I wanted to write a little about the CRU Rankings. Here are the number of movies ranked in each list. 2013: 211 2014: 252 2015: 305 2016: 278 While Cinema Scope is escalating its goal every year for […]

The Long Week Closes: Favorites of 2016


Regretfully unseen by me: Silence, Paterson, La La Land, 20th Century Women and a handful of others. I did a much better job of keeping up with what I wanted to see this year than I ever have before. This is partly because I’m choosing to watch fewer new movies and more old ones. In […]

The Long Week Closes: Highest Review Tallies December 24, 2016


Below is a list of movies with the highest number of reviews gathered on CRU. I don’t have an exact list, private or otherwise, that keeps track of this. This list was compiled manually from browsing the ranked lists. It’s safe to say that the movies with the most reviews on Critics Round Up are […]

The Long Week Closes: No End in Sight December 17, 2016

I hate to keep bringing up the neverending, always growing backlog of work I need to add to the site, but I feel it’s necessary to remind readers that not everything I want to include has been added. Not even close. Since late August, the backlog has gotten completely unmanageable. I’ve been making minor adjustments […]

The Long Week Closes: Last But Not Least November 19, 2016


We are ending Consensus Comparison and replacing it with The Long Week Closes, a Saturday rundown of what’s new or has been newly rounded up on Critics Round Up in the past seven days. There will be no more gathering of Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic scores here. That routine has become tedious to me, and […]