Consensus Comparison: Ghostbusters, Woody Allen July 16, 2016

Immediately following the Emmy Nominations comes grousing about snubs. What upsets me is that I haven’t seen any real outrage about the Emmys failing to recognize The Girlfriend Experience or The Knick (for the second year in a row), the two most intelligently directed dramas on television. Ugh. TV culture can go fuck itself.

On a related note, is it possible that TV enthusiasts taking pride in the Golden Age of Television is actually a sign that they’re underachieving? Have you heard about the study that shows when people talk about the progress they’ve made on their projects, they’re both more likely to feel good about themselves while simultaneously accomplishing less? And the opposite is true: the people who don’t talk about their plans feel worse about their project’s status while they accomplish far more. To apply this idea to film and television, TV fans brag about their medium reaching new heights while cinephiles worry about the death of cinema. But maybe it’s film culture’s pessimism that makes sure we don’t get complacent and feel satisfied with the way things are.

Pessimism can sometimes really be a true sign of doom. The death of theater is real, the freak anomaly of Hamilton notwithstanding. But my point about widespread optimism still stands. It’s not at all an indication of a healthy state of being and may actually prevent artistic growth.

No Film of the Week and this site’s scores don’t deviate all that from the other aggregators this time.

Ghostbusters (Paul Feig)

Rotten Tomatoes: 74 • 219 reviews
Metacritic: 60 • 51 reviews
Critics Round Up: 66 • 11 reviews


Café Society (Woody Allen)

Rotten Tomatoes: 78 • 77 reviews
Metacritic: 66 • 26 reviews
Critics Round Up: 65 • 13 reviews


Don’t Blink – Robert Frank (Laura Israel)

Rotten Tomatoes: 73 • 11 reviews
Metacritic: 68 • 7 reviews
Critics Round Up: 75 • 6 reviews


Garbage Time

Garbage Time is an irregular section of this stats column that looks at movies that, for multiple reasons starting with the mostly negative reviews, were deemed unsuitable for the homepage but nevertheless might still be of some interest to cinephiles.

Equals (Drake Doremus)

Rotten Tomatoes: 36 • 50 reviews
Metacritic: 43 • 25 reviews
Critics Round Up: 38 • 10 reviews

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