Consensus Comparison: Verhoeven, Villeneuve, Atlanta November 12, 2016

I didn’t even bring up the election last week because I assumed Clinton winning was a foregone conclusion. Trump’s victory has broken my spirit. I’ve succumbed to long crying jags twice since the election. The Republicans will now control EVERYTHING: the executive branch, both houses of congress and the judiciary. I’m really scared right now. Trump’s power may be even greater than we thought was possible.

I wonder to what extent our greater self-awareness has aided or accelerated the white nationalist movement in America. Black Lives Matter is definitely a commendable cause, but I strongly suspect that their exposure of police misconduct and systemic corruption has discouraged decent, well-intentioned people from joining the force and has now only attracted the wrong kind of person to that job. And based on a few cursory Google searches, the earliest mention I could find about the study that claimed whites would no longer be an American majority by 2042 was in December 2014. This prediction has been widely circulated throughout the country and I firmly believe this is a major reason for the panic about immigration and the rising demand to close our borders. (Not the election of Obama. Stop saying Obama is a big reason Trump became popular.)

And now, if you’re in any way interested, the stats.

Elle (Paul Verhoeven • France)

Rotten Tomatoes: 92 • 79 reviews
Metacritic: 90 • 21 reviews
Critics Round Up: 93 • 34 reviews


Arrival (Denis Villeneuve • United States)

Rotten Tomatoes: 93 • 207 reviews
Metacritic: 81 • 51 reviews
Critics Round Up: 78 • 18 reviews


Atlanta (Paul Simms • United States)

Rotten Tomatoes: 100 • 61 reviews
Metacritic: 90 • 36 reviews
Critics Round Up: 100 • 4 reviews


Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (Ang Lee • United States)

Rotten Tomatoes: 49 • 47 reviews
Metacritic: 53 • 23 reviews
Critics Round Up: 63 • 10 reviews


Uncle Kent 2 (Todd Rohal • United States)

Rotten Tomatoes: 63 • 8 reviews
Metacritic: N/A • 3 reviews
Critics Round Up: 70 • 5 reviews

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