Consensus Comparison: Welcome to New York, The Jinx March 28, 2015

Only two films of the week this time (White God and The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq), not three, since IFC canceled Welcome to New York’s NYC run right before it was supposed to open yesterday. (It will still be listed in this stats column since it’s now screening in San Francisco.) On a related note, since the movie’s director, Abel Ferrara, is furious about Wild Bunch re-cutting his movie, he’s urged people to avoid paying to see it theatrically or on VOD and instead steal the director’s cut online.

Below are two documentaries that I’d say qualify as TV and have not screened commercially in New York movie theaters: HBO’s The Jinx and Showtime’s Dreamcatcher. One of these days I’ll gather a list of every TV series, TV movie and miniseries Critics Round Up has covered. I think this list will be especially interesting for highlighting TV projects from before the current so-called Golden Age, like Fassbinder’s World on a Wire or David Lynch’s Hotel Room. Someday.

Lastly, you should be warned about White God. It’s divided critics into love-it-or-hate-it categories with little middle ground.

Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young (US)

Rotten Tomatoes: 82 | 57 reviews
Metacritic: 77 | 24 reviews
Critics Round Up: 81 | 9 reviews


Abel Ferrara’s Welcome to New York (US)

Rotten Tomatoes: 71 | 35 reviews
Metacritic: 65 | 13 reviews
Critics Round Up: 81 | 16 reviews


Mundrucz√≥ Korn√©l’s White God (Hungary)

Rotten Tomatoes: 89 | 45 reviews
Metacritic: 78 | 20 reviews
Critics Round Up: 73 | 20 reviews


Guillaume Nicloux’s The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq (France)

Rotten Tomatoes: 88 | 17 reviews
Metacritic: 64 | 10 reviews
Critics Round Up: 82 | 17 reviews


Kim Longinotto’s Dreamcatcher (US)

Rotten Tomatoes: 100 | 24 reviews
Metacritic: 86 | 11 reviews
Critics Round Up: 91 | 8 reviews


Wim Wenders & Juliano Ribeiro Salgado’s The Salt of the Earth (Brazil)

Rotten Tomatoes: 93 | 30 reviews
Metacritic: 84 | 16 reviews
Critics Round Up: 75 | 8 reviews


Dave Boyle’s Man from Reno (US)

Rotten Tomatoes: 95 | 20 reviews
Metacritic: 73 | 10 reviews
Critics Round Up: 69 | 4 reviews


Andrew Jarecki’s The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (US)

Rotten Tomatoes: 93 | 27 reviews
Metacritic: 76 | 21 reviews
Critics Round Up: 44 | 4 reviews

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