David O. Russell, Paul Greengrass February 7, 2014

David O. Russell

This roundup includes several links from late 2012 and early 2013, when Silver Linings Playbook was an awards contender. Oscar roundtables from The Hollywood Reporter (featuring Tarantino, Affleck, Ang Lee, Hooper and Van Sant) and the Los Angeles Times (featuring Bigelow, Affleck, Ang Lee, Hooper and Sacha Gervasi); Russell talking about some of his favorite songs; video of the director on Harvard Beats Yale 29-29; Oscar roundtables from this awards season from THR and the DGA; and Russell at the New York Times talking about scenes from Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.

Paul Greengrass

New links this time are the above-mentioned THR, Los Angeles Times and DGA video roundtables; Kent Jones’ video interview with Greengrass; and Michael Mann writing about Captain Phillips and its director.

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