Festival Focus: Benning, Sarmiento/Ruiz December 24, 2014

Here’s another collection of smaller festival films from around the world.

The 2012 festival film Easy Rider probably won’t get a proper U.S. release, which is customary for James Benning films. It gets an 88 out of 4 reviews.


Another film from 2012 that’s unlikely to be released commercially in the U.S. is Valeria Sarmiento’s Lines of Wellington, a project initiated by Sarmiento’s husband Raúl Ruiz before he died. 61 out of 7 reviews. No theatrical release, but it’s now on Netflix.


The reviews for Fan Lixin’s follow-up to Last Train Home, I Am Here, are entertaining reads. Darren Hughes’ review begins with the question, “WTF is this movie?!” Eric Hynes confirms that that’s how the whole audience felt. 58 out of 3 reviews.


Finally, Finnish filmmaker Pirjo Honkasalo’s first fiction film in 15 years, Concrete Night, so far has a mixed reaction. 58 out of 3 reviews.

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