Festival Focus: Migrating Forms December 13, 2014

I’m trying something a little new here, gathering roundups of five festival films into one blog post. Out of coincidence, four of these films are screening at BAMcinematek’s Migrating Forms festival. Starting now, I’ll try to post recent roundups of overlooked festival films and avant-garde films here instead of on Twitter.

The Migrating Forms selection that’s gotten the most press is Gina Telaroli’s Here’s to the Future!, which I tweeted about on Wednesday. 90. 5 reviews.

The South Korean film Alive has been hopping around the globe, from Jeonju to Locarno’s main competition to TIFF and now Migrating Forms. 92/100. 3 reviews.

Heinz Emigholz’s The Airstrip–Decampment of Modernism, Part III debuted at Berlinale and has landed in New York for MF. 83. 3 reviews.

The festival is giving Cory Arcangel’s Freshbuzz (www.subway.com) its world premiere. 67/100. 3 reviews.

Finally, outside of Migrating Forms is the Dutch film Episode of the Sea, which screened at TIFF’s Wavelengths. 92. 3 reviews.

Update: two more from Migrating Forms I almost forgot about. William Greaves’ Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One (97) and Soon-Mi Yoo’s Songs from the North (82).

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