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  • While episodic in its structure based around the people she meets, the film has poignant and emotional moments, which help characterize the character as both devilish and saintly.

  • Sakura Ando is wickedly deadpan... and she’s irresistible when she coerces or coaxes them out of antisocial behavior in a polite, impersonal voice, seeming to see through all their pretenses. The actress’s consummate control is made apparent when she releases all her clenched emotions while silently listening to a cassette recording, in a pivotal scene that expresses the film’s underlying theme of social activism through individual effort.

  • This delightful sophomore feature was the highlight of the 2015 Udine Far East Film Festival. Young Japanese director Ando directs her sister, Sakura Ando in a brilliant performance as a young Japanese woman on the economic and sexual margins of society... The film takes its time, almost 200 minutes, but it’s Ando’s careful accumulation of details that gives 0.5mm its considerable life force, complexity, and emotional power.