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  • The first couple of times that lead flashes in 1986’s A Better Tomorrow the shootouts are relatively restrained – an ambush by a Taiwanese syndicate, a kidnapping attempt gone awry – but then Mark, the flippant, matchstick- chewing hood in the duster jacket straight off the back of Alain Delon in Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Samouraï, gets his big number, and there’s no doubt that Woo is entering uncharted territory... It’s not just a matter of getting the job done, but of doing it with style.

  • The original A Better Tomorrow was a huge hit and remains a masterpiece for a number of reasons: Woo’s skill at melding violence with intense masculine emotionality; his sense of composition and editing, knowing when to break with reality (with slow-motion, freeze frames and the like) and when not to; a degree of violence that while not exactly shocking after 20 years of martial arts movies, had nonetheless never been quite so successfully adapted to a contemporary setting.

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