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  • What I want to impart is that if you live in the U.S. and have a foreign-region DVD player, this disc is, I think, the reason you have that player. Jester's Tale is a miraculous watch. Zeman's work here combines the rollicking exuberance of the Czech New Wave (the female lead is the delightful Emília Vásárová; the future "first lady of Slovak theatre" was only in her ealry 20s here) with the magical mechanics of Meliés; every frame is an intoxicant.

  • I think it can be argued though that there is a predeterministic flavour to the anti-war sentiment in A Jester’s Tale which is unique amongst Zeman’s work. Its narrator – a jester, but no fool, really – often refers to the station in life its characters were born to. Moreover, the film makes much of the intractable influence of chance, rendered on screen as the God of War, an anthropomorphised, moustachioed cloud blowing winds of change across Europe.