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  • A League of Their Own isn’t a musical, but the narrative layout resembles one in many ways, from the recruitment of players/performers to training/rehearsals to individual games/shows to bus rides between engagements, and there are similar shifts of focus between the leads (in this case Geena Davis and Tom Hanks) and the second bananas (Madonna and Lori Petty) and various comic turns (Jon Lovitz, Garry Marshall, Megan Cavanagh, Rosie O’Donnell).

  • Corny underdog sports saga as pop feminist praxis in tribute to the praxes of a half-century earlier. Draws strength from its wide comic ensemble—all these women (and a few men) bitching and bonding and scrapping and sliding into home. Lori Petty has her toothy grin and firecracker energy; Geena Davis is taller, slower to move, performing as if she doesn't need you to watch, but is benevolent enough to allow it. Each actress burns with confidence.

  • If, as Jimmy famously tells us, there's no crying in baseball, there's plenty of it in baseball nostalgia.