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A Quiet Place in the Country


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  • ...The film is arguably Petri’s most experimental feature; a restless, feverish psychological drama... As with L’Assassino, the director uses the familiar tropes of the giallo to ask uncomfortable questions of modern society. While in his earlier film Petri probes into what he sees as the empty values of young wealthy bourgeois, in A Quiet Place in the Country he examines the role of the artist; the inescapable dichotomy between art and commerce.

  • A riotous horror style dilated from Bava for the protagonist’s mania, an unmoored mind stabbed by every chord of Ennio Morricone’s most dissonant score. The butcher knife in the glowing electric dishwasher, the corpse in the garden, séances and dismemberment -- all grist to Verhoeven’s parodical mill (The Fourth Man).