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  • Given the sharp contrast between the imagined Christmas and the real thing, the uninspired musical performances of the Carlyle Hotel are decidedly not a flaw in Coppola’s direction; on the contrary, they convey perfectly the vision of a depressing Christmas, one whose temporary relief comes as a bitter reminder that the idea of a well-spent Christmas often surpasses the reality.

  • While its borrowed musical styles and variety-show structure suggest an intense self-awareness, A Very Murray Christmas addresses a fundamentally deeper range of feeling than most Christmas specials are prescribed to explore. Murray's at once magnetic and detached demeanor isn't particularly distinct from various other characters he's played, but his interactions with others also orphaned in the building elevate this special beyond mere parody or throwback.

  • As is often the case with Murray’s comedy, it’s impossible to know exactly how kidding or serious he is, and this, too, is integral to the special’s energy, which seems lackadaisical at first but eventually comes to seem quite controlled and purposeful in its near-aimlessness.

  • With bells a-jingling ever louder, Netflix has served up one of the most appealingly peculiar seasonal specials in many a Yule... Mileage, like Miley, will vary: if the idea of Murray and Cyrus duetting on Sleigh Ride tickles you, as it did me, Coppola’s curio will be very much your cup of curdled eggnog.

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