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  • The disparity between the inherently trashy appeal of the story and the self-serious way it's presented cripples much of the potential for enjoyment. The setup screams pulp, but the film doles out stately drama.

  • Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are the two sun-kissed MILFs of the title, and they play the parts with such conviction -- as do their young co-stars -- that, at the late hour it screened, there was something guiltily pleasurable about Two Mothersand its high-toned Skinemax vibe.

  • The French director Anne Fontaine approaches the overheated material with intense gravity, but the excesses of both the story and her choices — it’s all terribly blond, sweaty and serious — steer the results toward the perilously parodic.

  • Fontaine expects us to buy that both affairs aren’t just passing fancies but lasting love connections. But because the actors and the breathtaking Australian seaside scenery are so easy on the eyes, the film is a diverting guilty pleasure and a camp classic in the making.

  • You can barely stifle a laugh, and the way Wright and Watts deliver rote, morally searching dialogue with deer-in-the-headlights stoicism (“We’ve crossed a line,” Lil blankly notes) doesn’t help matters. But the film markedly improves once Hampton introduces the first of several narrative ellipses that push the story further into the realm of adult fable.

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