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  • Triet definitely has a knack for creating uncomfortable situations that go from bad to awful, only to suddenly lighten up in the interim, and although she can’t quite sustain things for feature length, the film’s smart setup and ambitious shooting tactics make for a highly watchable affair.

  • Triet yokes good points to a reprehensible person, and throughout her characters are unstable amalgams of good intentions and empathy-killing weaknesses, co-existing with their immediate political context without meaningfully interacting with it. It’s hard to find a stable emotional POV to view this drama from, and that’s a good thing.

  • In Age of Panic, Macaigne plays the ex of heroine Laetitia (Laetitia Dosch) and father of her children. He’s seen at the start as a comically insistent sad sack, an amusing inconvenience who won’t be turned away; but once he bursts into Laetitia’s apartment and refuses to leave, Vincent becomes a genuinely troubling, indeed menacing figure, and Macaigne pulls off the transition brilliantly.

  • Shooting on location during a frenzied political rally, Triet fuses documentary and narrative techniques to great impact, punctuating the drama with moments of comedic levity.

  • Much of the film was shot on the streets during political rallies and features real interviews with demonstrators on both sides of the political aisle. These scenes are notable, especially in how the documentary footage of the emotional reaction to Hollande’s election informs the intimate, fictional narrative of feminine struggle to maintain identity in the face of overpowering maleness. In Age of Panic, the real and the staged dance in dialectic, and it’s thrilling to watch.

  • The masses of warring party enthusiasts provide a suitable backdrop for the couple's spat, which gradually encompasses lovers, friends, a bewildered babysitter, and total strangers. The improvisational story and frenzied performances match the chaotic footage; the film is exhausting, but the action is energizing. You're likely to break a sweat just by watching this.

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