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  • Švankmajer imbues his ever-changing Alice and Wonderland's objects, refashioned from those found in her bedroom, with the full weight of the surreal. The once ordinary and often old or discarded objects become unfamiliar and menacing in Alice's dreamscape; she acts out against the newly animate things and they also come after her... Švankmajer's ALICE is a work of art that reconstructs an extraordinary world out of all the rubble from his past.

  • [No Alice in Wonderland adaptation is stranger than “Alice” (1988),made by the Czech animator Jan Svankmajer... “Alice” is tactile in every way. Rather than music, Mr. Svankmajer employs exaggerated sound effects. The narrative, furnished by an unidentified child in British-accented English with a gravity matching that of young Ms. Kohoutova, enables Alice to speak for the creatures she encounters and further suggest that the Wonderland experience is her invention.

  • Narrated by Alice’s disembodied lips, Lewis Carroll’s prose is edged out like droplets and offers a pulsing rhythm to Jan Svankmajer's stop animation masterpiece ALICE (1988). The attention to detail in both the animation and composition of shots, which favors extreme close-ups, and an almost fetishistic obsession with the cracks and textures of inanimate objects, creates an atmosphere of the impossible.

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