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  • Ambition is written on the walls of ALL ABOUT EVE (1950), Mankiewicz's sharp and ever-popular comedy of self-comment...

  • It remains, over half a century later, the definitive statement about actresses' sell-by dates, forsaking schematism in the extended party sequence to observe Margo's epic bout of sublimated self-pity.

  • Joseph Mankiewicz wrote an endlessly quotable script, not so much laugh-out-loud funny as it is scalding. With Marilyn Monroe in one of her earliest roles; watch the perfection of Monroe’s timing at the ripe old age of 24.

  • As a director, Mankiewicz’s style—now unharnessed from the bolder visual style of genre expectations—may be plainer, as though demanding closer attention to the performances and dialogue. But the blocking is thoughtful, and small felicities lap around the edges.

  • In general, he mixes analytical intelligence with practical wit... “All About Eve” is one of the greatest movies about theatre—an idea that, in itself, opens an ironic abyss into which Mankiewicz spelunks with an impish, riotous aplomb.

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