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  • The filmmakers inject a note of hope into this dire world in the form of secular schools that have begun to open in the countryside to compete with the Red Mosque. Unfortunately, while these schools provide a good education, they cost money to attend, and here the film functions as a kind of progressive infomercial, implicitly urging viewers to support these fledgling institutions however they can as a way to fight the spread of radical Islam in the region.

  • With uncommon access, this gripping documentary about the notorious Red Mosque — a religious organization that runs a network of jihadist madrassas in Pakistan — reveals how those preaching zealotry, intolerance, and repression can insinuate themselves into desperately poor, hungry communities.

  • Trivedi and Naqvi put together this multi-tentacled story using a daunting variety of footage, news reports and archival film mixed with interviews. It paints an extremely grim picture. The interviews with Aziz are incredible, a glimpse into a world rarely seen so up close and personal.