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  • Observational yet formalist, the pleasure of the film comes from the intersection of seeing this family’s quotidian interactions and goings-on with the dynamic shot choices — each frame is different, and offers a new way of looking that makes the film feel as though it Is thinking along with the evolution of this family unit’s plight... The viewer gets a strong sense of how the marginalized and unstable lives of migrant workers ebb and flow uneasily in relation to China’s expanding economy.

  • In the end, the aim from the director is not to generalize the filmed situation to the entirety of China, but for the audience to be subjected to the private concerns and conversations of this family. This brings the level of voyeurism inherent to the film up a notch, but also it also gives Another Year a political edge that is less convoluted and more accessible through the experience of the common man beyond any class portrayal.

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