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    Film Comment: Marc Walkow
    March 04, 2016 | March/April 2016 Issue (p. 54)

    A milestone for fans of Japanese action and violent cinema, Battle Royale certainly deserves its cult reputation. Although its violence looks less and less shocking and outrageous with each passing year, it remains a smart, darkly funny thriller with a remarkable cast of young actors (many of whom went on to become big stars) and a director still able to muster the youthful energy required to helm such a dynamic project.

  • Remove the entertainment aspect and it's not even fully clear what BR's societal function is, especially since these kids obviously had no idea the program exists before arriving on the island (i.e., it's not being used as a deterrent). Moment to moment, however, Fukasaku's film thrills, startles and wounds in ways that put its American counterpart to shame.