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  • It's a film that feels closer to truth than fiction, and in that sense the performances come off as entirely natural, with Zimmer doing an excellent job directing a largely amateur cast. They talk and act just like French kids their age should -- as terrifying as that may sound with so many f-bombs (or p-bombs, if you're talking about "putain") being tossed off like definite articles at the start of each sentence.

  • Shot in an ultra realist, handheld verité style that feels lifted from Maurice Pialat, the movie is a remarkably vivid portrait of adolescent, French, female friendship that at times almost feels more like a documentary about these girls than a fictional representation. Ultimately though, it doesn’t offer anything surprising in form or content, and feels like a safe effort.

  • Zimmer's direction may appear laissez faire, but it's confident in its observation on the cycle of friendships and how teenagers treat each other in order to feel superior. Throughout, no laugh, sneer, pout, or text message appears to go unnoticed by Zimmer's long takes, which are acutely keyed to the lives of these badly mannered kids.