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  • Despite its stripped-down set-up, The Station fails to play to its strengths. They’re all there: the dirty, unglamorous interiors; the remote, mountainous location; the hidden creatures that burst forth. So why bother with the relationship between a troubleshooting technician and a young woman travelling with her family? Both versions of The Thing had something in common: their directors understood that less is more. The Station tries to do too much but it doesn’t go deep: it’s all surface.

  • As it programmatically works its way toward the unexpected but doggedly stupid resolution to Janek (Gerhard Liebmann) and Taja's personal travails, Blood Glacier straddles a very awkward line between creature feature, conspiracy thriller, and domestic drama, all without novelty or suspense.

  • Marvin Kren’s Blood Glacier, a shameless rip-off of Carpenter’s The Thing, is fun. Gerhard Liebmann is no Kurt Russell, but he does his best. Old-school FX. Angela Merkel–esque environment minister proves to be the toughest of a group besieged by mutants in an Alpine research station. Comic highlight: female ministerial aide eats banana while having hysterical fit. German title, Blutgletscher, is unpronounceable.

  • Blood Glacier is a resourceful riff on John Carpenter’s The Thing and Larry Fessenden’s Last Winter... A briskly entertaining, old-fashioned monster movie, it wrings plenty out of its clapboard set, rubber effects, and omnipresent red LED eyes.