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  • In terms of story and action, the gratuitously named Boiling Point has even less going for it [than Bodies, Rest & Motion]. One’s indifference to what happens in terms of the plot is virtually sealed by the final titles, which explain the ultimate fate of the characters and seem totally beside the point. But in terms of obsessional feeling, this movie has more intensity, more emotional aftertaste.

  • Harris employs narrative parallels—Mercer is given a week to find the cop killer, Red is given a week to repay a debt; both Mercer and Red have run-ins with a kind-hearted hooker (Lolita Davidovich)—and careful crosscutting to render this material not as a kaleidoscopic ensemble piece but as a quiet, dialed-down look at the loneliness and broken relationships that plague the personal lives of both cops and crooks.