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  • Berlinger claims to be honoring three "conventions" of the original—the "blurring of the line between fiction and reality," the "psychological unraveling of the characters," and the "fear of the unknown." This is surely wishful thinking, because reality, characters, and fear are all well beyond the capacities of this feature. Instead we get mainly what he describes as "almost cliche horror movie moments that pay homage to classic horror movies."

  • Penned up together in a forest-enclosed safehouse, these tourists and their "Blair Witch Hunt" guide gradually lose track of reality and turn on one another. The film's occasional digressions into the guide's institutionalized past and his antagonistic relationship with the local sheriff are a little eye-rolling, and it never really finds a technique for inducing anything worse than mild disorientation. Yet it works, if only as a paean to the creepy pull of videotape.