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  • ...There's scarcely a pause in this quick-fire procedural, which loudly, if not exactly profoundly, mocks its media-obsessed culture. To is a master of the slick surface and Breaking News is, above anything else, technically proficient, beginning with a mesmeric long take that runs on empty for a few beats before exploding in a staccato of bullet fire.

  • This genre flick about the art and entertainment of violence opens with a scene that deserves mention alongside similarly famous choreographed scenes in "Touch of Evil" and "Goodfellas," films in which the relentlessly mobile camera represents the exalted aspirations of both the director and the medium itself... It's a slam-dunk of an opener in a film filled with terrifically choreographed action and very little on its mind.

  • The crime thrillers of Hong Kong director Johnny To are not only action packed but smart, and this 2004 feature about a botched heist is full of vibrant and intriguing characters... Peppered with moments that are both sad and funny, this ends with a media-savvy twist.

  • An unmatched craftsman of choreographed action and suspense, To is at the top of his game here: his use of cranes, zooms, dollies, depth-of-field, and shifting perspectives is nothing short of dazzling. But what makes this movie such a goddamn masterpiece is the way it also functions as a grand statement of artistic principles—a film about how images work, what makes them exhilarating, and how they can be manipulated. Simply put, one of the great movies of our time.

  • The director wastes no time proving his chops in this film, opening with a seven-minute, single-take crane shot that roams over a city block as police move to confront criminals and a shootout ensues. Breaking News foregrounds the fundamental musicality of To’s direction by doubling the narrative as a media comment on itself...

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