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  • The story trigger here is patently ridiculous, but it’s also such an irresistible concept that it’s been shot 10 (!) times over the last 90 years, and Dwan’s version (the only one I’ve seen so far) is sprightly and in a fabulous hurry, just aware enough of the flimsiness of this conceit while devoted enough to make it work.

  • Walter Hill's version is soporific (in a nice way, mind) but this is palpitation-inducing. As in the back half of Rendezvous With Annie, this has the speed of screwball comedy without the verbal fillips or dexterity. It's very American: no cleverness, just plain speaking for us good clean folk coming back from the war waiting to reunite with dear old Moth-aw and my beautiful bride, and there's something attendantly unsatisfying to me.