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Buenas Noches, España


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  • This makes for a long, insistently difficult 70 minutes, but there are rich ideas beneath this prankishness. Taking time to form a hypnotic rhythm, the director’s masterful expansion of one couple’s barebones journey, in which they watch TV, drive through the country and spend some time at a museum, slowly forms into a twisted madcap fugue.

  • ...By defining their relationship through this visual math, Martin leaves the two free from any constricting ideas of character or narrative, which results in a portrait of two people in love that looks and feels more like actual love than any relationship Hollywood has managed to put together so far this century.

  • The color play in Ars Colonia and excessive use of repeating monochromatic shots in Buenas noches, España are extended reflections carefully designed to re-imagine old visual processes Martin used in his other films. Looking closely at these works, one can trace back their visual origins to Martin's animated caricatures in Indio Nacional and to the colorization of the mountain in the last part of Independencia.

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