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  • The Juggalo is an alluring subject, for they remain a resolutely separate subculture in a pop culture that is increasingly melting pot. They listen to literally the worst music imaginable, and their aesthetic could be described as blacklight puke, but they have a certain ingenuity born of poverty. You can’t exploit the Juggalos as a sideshow, because they preemptively style themselves as freaks—a point that Buffalo Juggalos, participating in its subjects’ role-play, absolutely gets.

  • If that sounds even slightly dry and academic, just try to see the film, which has become a hit on the festival circuit because it’s one of the most hilarious, aesthetically nuanced and straight-up explosive debuts in recent memory.

  • A kneejerk response may be to accuse Cummings and the ace d.p. Nandan Rao of wielding an Arbus inflected lens on their subjects, but the exhilarating and playful collaboration that takes center stage in the second half of this ‘medium-length film’ should do to assuage that anxiety... The jarring contradiction of formalism and subject matter is what makes Buffalo Juggalos another exciting entry in the ever-expanding form of nonfiction.

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