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  • Brilliantly staged and flawlessly enacted, Camouflage is, first and foremost, a precisely modulated satire whose abrasive edges continually test our discomfort, as Zanussi puts our understanding of essential facts into question... Thanks to [Zapasiewicz's] malicious energy, and to Zanussi's crackling, dry humor, the academic battle of wills and intellects between the two men is animated enough to carry the entire film.

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    Sight & Sound: Michael Brooke
    July 03, 2015 | August 2015 Issue (pp. 99, 101)

    A witty critique of diplomatic niceties in academia, it has numerous wider-world parallels to do with institutional politics in general, and not merely those operating in communist Poland. The first-time viewer might well sympathise with the idealistic young teaching assistant Jarek, but it's his older, much more worldly colleague Jakub who imparts the most resonant home truths – and who also charts the course of Jarek's psychological journey with unnerving prescience.

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