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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie


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  • The way Kroll savors every syllable of his alternately peevish, self-pitying and nonsensical dialogue—aided mightily by the animators, who've given the character a fireplug body and a waddling walk—transforms the ridiculous into the sublime. The moment where George solemnly tells Poopypants that his problem is that he can't laugh at himself, and Poopypants whines, "Oh, is that really what my problem is, Oprah?" made me laugh so hard I thought my son was going to ask me to leave.

  • Joyously juvenile and unapologetically scatological, director David Soren’s Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie captures the spirit of being an eight-year-old boy about as well as any film ever made. [It's p]acked with mirthful pranksterism, a vigorous anti-authoritarian streak, and literal potty humor.

  • In its most spirited moments, Captain Underpants is smart enough to recognize that being dumb can be its strongest asset. And though the underlying moral about friendship—inevitable in these things—mostly comes across as forced, at least it’s grounded in the enduring power of puerile humor. Telling kids it’s okay to snicker at the “your anus” pronunciation of Uranus beats force-feeding them yet another magical lesson about being yourself any day of the week.

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