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  • This tedious German drama won't make much sense if you're unfamiliar with Petra von Kant and will seem maddeningly trivial if you are; cowriter-director Nicolas Wackerbarth has nothing to say about relationships or the art-making process that Fassbinder didn't say already. The auditions are presented in thorough, painstaking detail, with lots of inside-baseball talk about the nature of acting; if you're into that sort of thing, I recommend Chantal Akerman's Les Années 80 (1983).

  • As in Koberidze’s film, Casting’s drama revolves around minute yet exquisitely depicted moments. Each character follows a carefully thought-out arc. In one case, this arc is a veritable tour-de-force: when the star male lead fails to show up to the casting reading, a minor actor, Gerwin (Andreas Lust), is called up to read the script alongside a number of famous actresses.

  • Certainly one of the year's most unexpected films. It's a dark comic riff on the behind-the-scenes production film. It's not played as farce by any means, but there are certainly elements of absurdity in play here. Quite possibly the most amusingly preposterous aspect of Casting is its premise: the group is assembled to produce a straight-to-TV remake of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's masterpiece The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant. What exactly is this thing?

  • Casting’s update of Fassbinder’s basic idea that love is necessarily a power-relation (because there is always someone whose affective investment in the other is more intense than the investment the other is willing to reciprocate) multiplies the original’s economy of desire by virtue of _repeatedly_ staging, and re-staging, moments form the original, but with an ever-changing cast

  • The most entertaining film I've seen at this year's Berlinale so far is Nicolas Wackerbarth's Casting... While not as formally accomplished as [Day for Night or Beware of a Holy Whore], Casting is nonetheless every bit as complex in its mapping of the emotional dynamics between volatile artists and wannabes, every bit as funny, engaging and, here and there, wrenching.

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