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  • Nearly every scene of CERTIFIED COPY touches on some profound aspect of human experience--falling in love, realizing one's place in the universe, et cetera--and in each of their incarnations, the characters are so fully realized by the leads that they never seem ciphers for bigger themes. Their entire experience, in short, has been recast by their passion for art: Everything is mysterious and full of promise.

  • CC seems to me to be a movie about how to make a marriage renew itself. Not necessarily about remarriage, per se, as in the comedies of old; nor is it a melodrama of contesting tears, though our heroine here remains unnamed and unknown; this is a perpetual state of becoming other, othered, othering, becoming anew. And there’s a kind of insistence, a forcing the issue, that overrides the comedic elements and charges the affect of fun, [hetero-], human sexuality into a danger zone.

  • It is hugely satisfying to see how Kiarostami weaves his career-long obsessions and filming techniques into an entirely new type of film for him... One of the most ingenious and thought-provoking romances you’re ever likely to see.

  • Kiarostami updates rossellinean neo-realism; realism is no longer possible to exist today in mere fidelity to the world represented; it must include the reality of representation itself. This is precisely why the pictorial composition in Certified Copy is necessarily shallow . . . : the world has changed and so has our understanding of an image, to the point where underlining the limitations of the techniques and the apparatus is now a symbolic gesture of faith in the power of the image itself.

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