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  • This really felt like a movie that would have made for a really great short film, but stretched out to a feature both tries to take on too much, while also somehow treading the same ground over and over again. Irina Nistor’s story is the most interesting part of the movie, and I found myself wishing we’d have talked to her a little more than spending so much time with her younger reenacted counterpart.

  • Since they rely on talking heads who essentially recount their memories from the eighties while unironically positioning themselves as spokesmen of history, both Chuck Norris vs. Communism and Porno e libertá leave no breathing room for critical reflection.

  • Bolstered by an irresistible title and stylish, re-enactment-heavy direction from first-timer Calugareanu, this breezily entertaining bonbon can expect ample fest and niche theatrical exposure, plus brisk international TV sales.

  • It first over-explains itself and then becomes a fascinating tale of entrepreneurs outwitting party bosses that ought to inspire a stirring fiction version;

  • Chuck Norris vs Communism is a tremendously fun film. The reminiscences are amusing, and the retro re-creations are very evocative. It’s a salutary slice of history for us in the pampered, over-entertained West (or at least those of us who are pampered and over-entertained in the West) to learn about.