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  • Traffics in ideas of cinephilia that I find mostly juvenile; "obsession, ain't it cool?" the film seems to say, whether dealing in tragic backstory or S&M celluloid fetishizers. Even Udo Kier's gastric distress exit doesn't come from any deep-rooted place—it's a superficialist's delight and unsurprising the whole thing was cowritten by a member of the Harry Knowles stable.

  • A fine Lovecraftian TV short from Carpenter, which turns cinephilia's obsession for strange, transgressive esoterica into a ghoulish nightmare. You spend the first half getting more and more curious about the film that can drive people insane, and the second half having your stomach turned. I don't suppose it means much, but the parody of movie geekdom hits close to home. I'm still never watching Salo, though.