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  • Marie Windsor shows up again in City That Never Sleeps (1953), but it’s a more typical outing for her: a film noir where she steals a few scenes only to have her no-good character come to a bad end. This is probably the most widely seen movie in the series, and for good reason. Much of it was shot on location in Chicago, where the film soaked up a pleasing amount of sleaze and grit.

  • ...Auer's get-work-done-go-home style is gently even-handed, allowing miracles to appear in the woodwork. A cop-delivers-baby scene that appears halfway through, predictable in concept but surprising in execution, is in its humility—the scene is told through the wordless reactions of jaded onlookers—worthy of Rossellini.

  • All the performances, especially by Marie Windsor, Edward Arnold, and Chill Wills, hold a special kind of weight that are deepened by the fact that it was shot in Chicago using real locations. It's a rough and tumble movie that often feels like a documentary, even as genre and fantastical elements like the mechanical man and a possible guardian angel come to the fore of a story of a worn out beat cop whose bad habits meets up with him one night. The energy is frenetic and unrelenting.