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  • These honest but disposable relics [Doris Day/Rock Hudson romantic comedies] are not so much parodied by Reed as much as they're carbon-copied for the sake of applauding just how good the filmmakers are at building a pastiche. From the gauche colors of the film's interiors to the cutesy use of rear projection, Down with Love is a triumph of set design.

  • ...These subjective errors -– coming from people too young to have encountered the period directly, characteristically collapsing and scrambling two decades into one, and therefore winding up with a hyperbolic dream of a dream -– makes the movie more fascinating and touching rather than less. By expressing a yearning for what’s perceived (with debatable accuracy) as less cynical and more innocently romantic times, Down with Love has a lot to say about today.

  • It’s rare for the copy to improve on the original, but that’s what Peyton Reed’s wildly inventive 2003 comedy “Down With Love” does with the New-York-centric Rock Hudson/Doris Day comedies of the late ‘fifties and early ‘sixties that inspired it... Reed elicits clever performances from [McGregor and Zellweger] which help him reveal, with self-aware winks, both the conventions that the earlier comedies ran on and the realities that these conventions concealed.

  • In 2003, Reed dropped a stylistic calling card called Down with Love that few people saw and even fewer understood. Which is a shame, because it's one of the most delightful homages in all of American cinema.

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