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Ears, Nose and Throat


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  • This is one of Everson's very best short films, and if you know the man's work you know that's saying something. Part of what makes EN&T so affecting is its combination of storytelling and formal invention. Everson constructs the film so that certain elements are introduced before we have a clear sense of their full context.

  • Ear, Noses and Throat, by the American director Kevin Jerome Everson, is precisely the kind of terse, evocative and reality-founded filmmaking that continues, in a different context and method, the Portabella-Adachi strand of cinema.

  • Shadeena is an intriguing piece in its own right, but it’s also a useful intertext for Ears, Nose and Throat, which was one of the highlights of Wavelengths and is among Everson’s very best films... It's a self-consciously beautiful film, almost romantically so, and it culminates in this epilogue, which is sympathetic and haunting and full of grace. The film ends just as Brooks glances at the camera, which would be a cliché if it weren’t such a gut-punch.

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