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  • Selected as part of the Cinefondation L'Atelier funding arm at Cannes 2011 and produced by Carlos Reygadas, the Vegas' latest effort is not without its strengths, among them a strong compositional precision and some deadpan humor, but it wears thinner as it moves along, its visual palette and vocabulary too unvaried to sustain one's interest in its increasingly absurd plot.

  • For his work in Daniel and Diego Vidal’s El Mudo (The Mute), Fernando Bacillio won the festival’s best actor award: he plays a low-level judge, Constantino Zegarra, largely through a remarkably long face and compact body, both of which are used for devastating deadpan visual jokes throughout.

  • An enjoyable Kafkaesque character study of a lawman on the wrong side of the law, TheMute is carried by a wonderfully haughty performance by Bacilio, who won the festival’s prize for best actor. A coded critique of Peruvian bureaucracy, the film holds the temptations of the thriller genre at arm’s length and is all the better for it.

  • The result is an anti-action film... Il Mudo is a continuous pleasure throughout and is to be recommended to any fan of deadpan grotesque.

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