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  • I prefer the sequel precisely because Raimi pushes everything even further into outright slapstick, though it also helps that Campbell grew a lot more confident over those six years. Still disappointed that initial tough-gal Bobby Joe instantly metamorphoses into a generic shrieking victim and then promptly gets tree-raped (albeit thankfully in a less prolonged sequence than the original served up).

  • EVIL DEAD II: DEAD BY DAWN finds Raimi operating in a much more complicated mode [than the first film], melding the horror of the first film with an increasing interest in slapstick and gross-out comedy. Neither evincing the relentless stream of malevolence that is the first EVIL DEAD film nor the good-natured silliness of ARMY OF DARKNESS, for many viewers, this second entry in the series is the best, finding the perfect balance between stupid and startling, between eerie and icky.

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