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  • Whittle Faces down to its sharpest 40 minutes or so and you'd have...well, you'd have a film with an unwieldy, non-commercial running time. But so much of this feels like bloat to me, as if Cassavetes couldn't bear to lose a single honest moment, no matter how much awkward wheel-spinning was required to arrive at it.

  • I would like to recommend Faces without restructuring the reader's aesthetic expectations, but I know by now that I can't escape the consequences of my criticism. Faces, if seen at all, should be seen with a degree of tolerance for its rough edges and raw nerve endings.

  • A provocative, uncomfortably intimate examination of middle age malaise and its concurrent communication breakdown... Faces is Cassavetes at peak emotional rawness. With jagged cutting and wildly capricious shot selection, a profound familiarity is forged by the probing titular close-ups of the characters at their most animated.

  • Above all, Rowlands—an experienced actress who’d never had an apt showcase for her astonishingly original artistry—created, in Cassavetes’s film and in communion with his sensibility, a new kind of movie acting, both extravagantly theatrical and ferociously opaque, impulsively strong and agonizingly vulnerable, that’s perfectly matched by the agile and playful yet granitic, virtually Beckett-like image repertory that the director developed.

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