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  • I saw it less than an hour before starting this review, too little time to contemplate whether it deserves to be called a masterpiece, but I already prefer it to Moore’s previous features. It’s far more ambitious, offering a multifaceted and nuanced reading of America in the past four years. It presents and interprets so much information that by the end my head was reeling with the kind of intoxicating overstimulation one rarely gets from popular documentaries.

  • Slanted though it may be, Fahrenheit 9/11 is no irresponsible Limbaugh-style invective: it makes an argument and it backs it up with evidence, documentary evidence. While expressing opinion, it offers much pertinent information, though its detractors would relegate the information to mere opinion – as if it were a matter of opinion to give us information that our media have slighted or suppressed.