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  • La Paura (Fear, 1954) is the final and arguably most underrated film collaboration between Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini... Instead of reading the film as a conventional project from an artistic filmmaker selling out to commercial interests, La Paura should be viewed as an experimental companion piece to [Rossellini's] socio-political masterpiece Germania anno zero (1948).

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    Sight & Sound: Brad Stevens
    July 31, 2015 | September 2015 Issue (p. 99)

    The result is a bleakly fascinating, almost nihilistic piece that anticipates Vertigo and Michael Haneke.

  • With his wife as both muse and instrument of ideologic intensity, Rossellini was, in less than a half-decade’s time, able to redefine notions of neorealism, conceive of an integrated moving image infrastructure which Gilles Deleuze would later term the “time-image,” and, with Fear, offer an economical but unmistakably passionate rejoinder to the tired tenets of the genre film.

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