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  • Robertson's cat, back in 1981, rolled blissfully, extended to her limits, in the warmth of the ground's sun-patch. The camera panned spontaneously from this unrestrained ecstasy to spring's flowers nearby, just beginning their bloom: a moment of observed daily joy, and also the most powerful of yearnings from she who held the camera.

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    Sight & Sound: Andréa Picard
    January 04, 2016 | February 2016 Issue (p. 54) | Viennale

    At one point, [Robertson's] three-year-old niece dies from heart problems and Robertson's intense in-the-camera confessional up-ends all judgement: "Emily died and I'm having a nervous breakdown." Her filmmaking has a central importance, not only recording her life but fuelling it with the allure of creation and possibility, and quelling the panic of the quotidian.

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