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Forbidden Poster
  • Psychologically and dramatically, this is a bit of a clumsy, stop-and-go mess, but one made all the more interesting for its unwavering commitment to its female protagonist... Like Pialat's We Won't Grow Old Together, Forbidden studies the inexplicable nature of romantic obsession, which keeps people bound together at the expense of obvious incompatibilities.

  • It goes from rural library to luxury liner in about three minutes, the jilted bookworm (Barbara Stanwyck) cashes in her savings and emerges mid-ocean as a fur-swathed socialite—Now, Voyager anticipated and distilled, and Frank Capra is just getting started... Public and private spaces, budding Capra themes, irresistible force and immovable body... The quickness and verve of the technique belie the singular bitterness of "a life of devotion," the realm of melodrama is surreal terrain.