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  • Camp is the perfect setting for a cut-and-dried slasher film like Friday the 13th. In order for the film to work you need a secluded location with no adults so that a masked killer can get to work. I actually laughed through most of the film as I re-watched it, because I now have a whole generation’s worth of post-Friday the 13th slasher film knowledge of how it’s supposed to go down.

  • The slasher film takes the idea of “surviving camp” very literally, as a transition from youthful innocence to adulthood. In the other movies, that survival is played for laughs, like “if they can make it through this wild and crazy time in this weird incubator, they can handle real life!” But in Friday the 13th, the “final girl” has to literally survive the onslaught of terror on her youth, only to emerge as a wiser, more sober figure at the end.

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