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  • Less an odyssey than a snowbound slog, “Frost” is not only severely hobbled by the almost complete absence of drama and characterization, but is also delivered in relentless, claustrophobic, tiresome medium-to-close shots that don’t even provide us with enough background information to lend the film a sense of place.

  • Frost is film-making as a rather Herzogian adventure into the unknown; a journey into the Ukraine conflict filmed under arduous conditions over a three-month period. Yet, whatever insights and moments of crisis Bartas met with in making the film, Frost hardly manages to convey a sense of either the immediacy or the meaning of events, let alone — despite its contemplative tone — achieve any wider philosophical observations about the condition of war.

  • The discourse around the Ukrainian "hybrid war" in this film is interesting to view as an outsider... but whatever good will Frost generates early on is undone by a protagonist who needs to do some extremely dumb shit in order for Bartas to make rather ho-hum points about war.

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