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General Report II: The New Abduction of Europe


General Report II: The New Abduction of Europe Poster
  • I hardly understood the precise aim of the picture, but suffice to say that like Frederick Wiseman’s In Jackson Heights from last year, I had the overwhelming sense that I should not take at face value the explanations of those who a film allows to speak.

  • Only Portabella could make the Spanish equivalent of a two-hour NPR broadcast not only fascinating but genuinely cinematic... Apart from the formal elegance of GR II, the conversations move easily, one to the next, because Portabella is showing that none of these problems facing Spain can be considered in isolation.

  • Catalan director Pere Portabella’s new film Informe General II. El Nuevo rapto de Europa was a hypnotic and stirring account of post-financial crash Spain, focused especially on the responses from the left... Perhaps best known for his boldly experimental 1970 Vampir – Cuadecuc, Portabella was in Rotterdam for a retrospective, and this new work – the freshest voice I encountered during the IFFR – should herald a renewal of interest in the 87-year-old director.

  • Just like its predecessor, Informe General II places itself right in the centre of the action, capturing the full-scale political transformation of a multi-national state. While the once engagé Godard now seems more retiré, Portabella has—in a career spanning seven decades and films running from two minutes to four hours—deepened our sense of what a truly *political* political cinema can be.

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