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  • It's a Tarantinoish excursion into the underworld. It alternates violent scenes of betrayal and reprisals with comic interludes involving a drug courier and the taxi driver he’s hired to carry him to meet the bosses. The film is made with great panache, but for me what makes it noteworthy is that the driver is played by the great Michael Hui, dean of sour Hong Kong social satire.

  • The languid pacing - the film sometimes feels like a Johnnie To movie played at the wrong speed - heightens the shock value of the grisly violence that follows the gang heist.

  • The film demonstrates Chung’s cinematographic chops, with a typically dazzling sense of colour and provocative off-kilter compositions. It also shows off his ability to infuse the genre film with artful values—or perhaps it’s the other way around? What makes this masala slightly strange is the provocative discrepancy in tone between the horrifically spectacular violence of the crooks and the humanistic comedy of the buddies.